Digest №5 and summary of 2021of project
Family Dairy Farms

Dear investors!
Last year, the Family Dairy Farms project continued to make progress towards its target. Among our achievements we would like to highlight the main ones:

  • Government recognition of the business model - the model of family dairy farms has caught the interest of owners, and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food considers that it will help lead the dairy sector out of crisis

  • The Committee for Dairy Sector Protection was founded - the project team had several meetings with experts and the government to solve the dairy sector's key problems. The result was an increase in support for the industry.

  • Victory in the Invest Ring battle of start-ups - business sharks and representatives of investment funds, having analyzed the project from all sides, gave it the upper hand
Message from project founder and ideologist Mykhailo Korylkevych (check subtitles)
Investments and investors

Total number of investors


Investors joined in 2021
31 mln uah

Invested by investors
5 mln uah

The biggest investment

Legal entities investors

Regions where investors live
69 years

Oldest investor
18 years

Youngest investor
Family Dairy Farms

28 t

Milk is produced every day, 17 tonnes of which come from family farms

Cows on family farms

Regions of Ukraine

Dairy clusters
18 years

Youngest farmer of the project
Financial indicators
The figures were obtained as a result of the preparation of the financial statements by the financial department of UkrmilkInvest LLP. The company is currently being audited by Baker Tilly, the results of which will be published in the next digest.
97 mln uah

Revenue in 2020
161 mln uah

Revenue in 2021

27 mln uah

Operating profit in 2020
34 mln uah

Operating profit in 2021

43 mln uah

EBIDTA in 2020
56 mln uah

EBIDTA in 2021

176 mln uah

for 285mln uah


Start of the new investment phase
On 20 January 2022, the third phase of the investment programme was launched, with the first round to run until 30 June 2022.

Terms and conditions of the investment in the 1st round:
✔️ minimum investment of 60,000 UAH
✔️ Estimated earnings from 12% per annum, based on results for 2023
✔️ forecasted increase in value of shares by 6 times till 2030

New investors joining the project by the end of 2022 are expected to be paid dividends based on the results of 2023 in 2024.

Project events in 2021
We believe that it has been a challenging and productive year. We would like to share with you our most important experiences:

✔️ we extended our activities to Central and Northern Ukraine: we launched our subsidiaries in Sumy, Mykolayiv, Poltava and Cherkassy regions

✔️ signed 20 memorandums of cooperation with CTOs and well-known companies such as: Bratslav, AGRІT, International Farm Comparison Network (IFCN) and others

✔️ the cluster establishment included: a feed and water centre, training centre, AGRO BUSINESS CREDIT loan facility, inoculation plant "Unikasol", a livestock breeding farm with the capacity of 200 animals, a modern grain silo

✔️ established a consultative meeting to implement corporate governance and engage expert opinion

✔️ met with the government, participated in drafting laws on restitution and state support for family farms

All project developments can be viewed in more detail on the website and Facebook page.
Excursions to the project's farms
We are delighted to announce that we will be renewing live excursions to the family farms in our project starting in June 2022!

We have already opened early registration for our events!
Please indicate your preferred time of visit when registering and we will advise you of your closest tour dates shortly.
Video tours of the project's farms
We are producing video tours of the participating farms in order to make more people aware of the conditions of participation and how the farmers live and work. Already 14 such events have been published, and 6 more are in the editing stage.
Cheese subscription
On the eve of the winter holidays, a cheese subscription sign appeared at the Unikasol craft cheese factory!

What is it? This is an opportunity to get more delicious craft cheese for a lower price! By adding any of the three signatures you have the right to buy more craft cheese at a discount of the usual price for a further.
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We wish you the best in the new year!
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